Lenovo ZUK Edge Hands On

The Lenovo ZUK Edge is finally here and the launch has taken place in India and Pakistan. The new Windows 10 laptop was made popular by the Windows Insider program where it received a lot of feedback and praise from the users.

lenovo zuk edge launch date in india

Now that the laptops are released, the company is going to offer a free, lifetime Microsoft Surface for every user that upgrades to the Lenovo ZUK Edge. Users can get the Surface tablet in the form of accessories too like a mouse, the pen, the case, power supply and dock.

Although the company did not mention the launch date in India but they have confirmed that the new product will be launched in India and other parts of the world soon. The company is holding its pre-launch event in London on April 20, where the media, media beta testers and other participants will come together. The Lenovo ZUK Edge will make its official launch on May 6 and the company has prepared all the accessories that will be provided to the users with the upcoming launch.

These accessories are quite similar to what the company offered at the launch and will be free of cost to the users. These accessories are required to complete the functionality of the laptop and include the keyboard cover, the mouse pad, the display screen protector, the battery dock, the battery charger, the ac adapter, the keyboard dock, the keyboard tray, the wrist rest, the palm rest, the track pad, the palm rest protector, the notebook bag and many more.

The accessories will also offer some more features as well as the optional game pad which provide gamers more options when playing the latest games and the so called Haptics design that will give you some cool capabilities while using the laptop. The Lenovo ZUK Edge is the first Windows 10 laptop that also comes with the latest Intel processors and this is a major selling point for the company.

The device comes with a quad-core processor that is quite capable when used for heavy work. This is a full-featured laptop and is one of the best selling laptops on the market today.

The company also offers a very wide connectivity option as it comes with four USB ports, Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth and HDMI. The device comes with the latest versions of Windows 10 and so the customer is assured of having an experience with the latest technology.

The company has always launched new machines that promise more. The new technology that they offer are not only enhanced in terms of functionality but also look more appealing and sleek than ever before.

They have made use of the latest technologies to enhance the functionality of the laptops and introduce more features that the customers are looking for. The product is expected to be available for purchase soon and all the hardware and software accessories that they have prepared for the launch of the device will help the customers to choose the best one.

One thing that we must remember is that the new ZUK Edge is made of super light and durable materials. They have managed to save some valuable space and have also improved the performance and reliability of the machine as well.

So, if you want to buy the latest and great offering from the Lenovo ZUK Edge, then you better hurry up. This is going to be a big deal and the new models are expected to go on sale from June this year.

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